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15 Best Anal Sex Positions To Try In 2021, According To Experts

Anal sex positions are often a face-away-from-each-other kind of deal, but this one allows you and your partner to get some eye-contact in during sex. That adds to the whole intimacy thing.

20 Anal Sex Positions for Beginners & Pros - How to Have Butt Sex

Why it’s good: Squatted positions like leapfrog and squatting cowgirl are great for anal because they allow for deep penetration, even if your partner's booty is on the bigger side. 10 Legs on ...

Best Anal Sex Positions for Women | Health.com

Penis-in-vagina cowgirl gives you the reins, and the same goes for the anal sex version of this woman-on-top position. With your partner reclining face-up, straddle your knees on either side of him.

Best Anal Sex Positions for Beginner to Advanced Play | Shape

A slightly more "advanced" iteration of this anal sex position is to drop onto your elbows. "Keeping your hips above your shoulders spreads the butt cheeks and gives easier access," explains Sinclair. And, it avoids putting extra pressure on the wrists like hands and knees regular doggy. Cheers to completely pain-free sex.

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